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An elderly man from Bungoma County has accused her daughter in law of biting his private parts.

Vincent Simiyu Baraza says that her daughter in law bit him when he had been called to the market to calm her daughter in law who was allegedly involved in a fight.

According to Simiyu, he had been called to the market to stop a fight between her daughter in law and a woman she accused of snatching her husband

“I was in my home just relaxing with a friend of mine when I was called that my daughter in law was involved in a fight with another woman,” narrated Baraza.

“So I rushed and tried to stop the fight but my daughter in law pushed me. I fell down on the ground. She then came, sat on my face and pulled my trouser and bit my private parts,” he stated.

According to Baraza, the lady then rushed home and threatened to kill her baby.

The baby was however rescued by the villagers.

“She first of all burnt all her husband’s belongings in the house before she tried to kill the baby,” he stated.


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