Woman burns down husband’s brand new supermarket after fight

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Property worth hundreds of thousands early Thursday morning at Powermart Supermarket in Darfur, Kariobangi North.

The fire which started at around 3 am created tension at the building where the supermarket is housed.

Eyewitnesses claim that supermarket’s estranged wife might have caused the fire in a vengeful act.

According to the witnesses, the fire started after two women had left the building in the wee hours of the morning.

“The owner of this supermarket has another one in Kariadudu, he had just opened this one. What we know is that he has been having problems with his wife to the extent that they separated,” said an eye witness.

“Those two women were inside that building, they then left without locking the door, meaning they knew what was happening,” said an eye witness.

Firefighters arrived at the scene 30 minutes after they were called only to find that residents had already put out fire.

Police have launched a manhunt for the two suspects.

No one was injured in the fire that saw some residents loot goods from the supermarket.

The supermarket was new in the area, it had just lasted two months.