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Woman claims she has twin daughters fathered by Dj Mo

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A Kenyan lady only identified as Carol Nduta has called out deejay Mo for neglecting her and the twin daughters whom she claims he furthered.

The woman posted a photo of her twin girls who apparently are a complete look alike of deejay Mo’s daughter.

Nduta claims that DJ Mo abandoned them but says that they have been doing just fine.

“Ata kaa tulitengwa tusha grow through God Grace” he said

After sharing the said photos, fans were quick to call out Deejay Mo telling him to take responsibility because the girls are a copy and paste of him.

Here are some of the comments:

DJ moo hakuna haja ya DNA waah

For real they look like him but I don’t think it’s wise to post the kids

Woi bt akulinde Toto wengi wetu tulilengwa pia na tushamake it in life…..size 8 asione hii


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