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Woman congratulates husband for marrying second wife

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A Tanzanian woman married to Azam FC CEO Van Mohamed has shocked many after publicly congratulating and welcoming her co-wife to her family.

Zainab Abdallah, who works as a District Commissioner in Tanzania, on Wednesday, February 21 ,excited social media user after taking to the platform and shared a photo of her hubby and new wife, followed by a long congratulatory,rather welcoming note.

According to Zainab’s post, her busy schedule kept her away from her hubby so she thought it wise for the husband to look for someone to fill up her place whenever she is not available.

Assalaam Alaykum,Nichukue nafasi hii kumpongeza Mume wangu @vanmohamed kwa kuongeza Mke wa Pili.

Kwa kuwa dini yetu ya kiislam inaruhusu, wazo la kufanya hivyo lilitoka kwangu, kulingana na uzito wa majukumu yangu nalazimika mda mwingi kuwa mbali na nyumbani na hivyo mume wangu kukosa huduma za msingi.

Namshkuru kwa kunielewa na kulifanyia kazi ombi langu, hatimaye nimempata mwenzangu @only_chibeb wa kusaidiana nae majukumu mazito ya ulezi wa mume.” Zainab wrote.

(I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate my husband @vanmohamed for adding another wife. Our Islamic religion allows to marry a second wife.

Many are the times i’m forced to be away from my husband because of my busy schedule so he ends up missing basic care. Finally I have my co wife @only_chibeb to help out with this tough task of taking care of a husband)

Zainab’s decision clearly surprised many who wondered how a sane woman can get her hubby a second wife. However, according to Zainab her move was inspired by the Islamic tradition which allows men to marry over two women.



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