Woman In Critical Condition Handled By A Quack At KNH

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gladys-kamandeSystemic rot in Kenya is real and innocent Kenyans are falling victims in every corner of this country. Remember Gladys Kamande the lady who has to move around with an oxygen tanks  since both her lungs collapsed? The one who moved everyone even a street boy who had nothing to offer but a twenty bob coin? Well, guess what? Her doctor is not really a doctor!!!

Following Revelations from Ndugu Nyoro a philanthropist and social media crusader  who first brought Gladys’ condition to light, it has been established that Samson Buluma who had been handling Gladys case as her doctor is not a qualified doctor but an intern clinician at KNH and is not allowed  to handle any patient without the supervision of a consultant let alone such a complex yet delicate condition as that of Kamande.

How does one get to such positions unnoticed? Have we become that unproffesional? This quirk has even been interviewed on live National Television and nobody smelled his fakeness? Ndugu Nyoro in a long facebook post narrated how he first became suspicious of the imposter, saying that it was suspect how he insisted to accompany Gladys in her medical trip to India after the fund drive on mchanga by Kenyans was succesful and they were ready to plan on logistics to fly her out.

Kenyans have heartily contributed a whooping 8 million and now Gladys fate hangs in the balance as attention has now shifted from her condition to that of how an incompetent youngling managed to fool Kenyans and the government playing ‘doctor’ in plain sight

According to a letter attached to Ndugu Nyoro’ s post KNH, the hospital has distanced itself from any liablities if anything was to happen to Gladys, never mind the fact that they met him in their facility. Ndugu is a heart broken man judging from his posts, here are bits from his out pour on facebook

“The past one week has been the most stressful in my recent times. You have just completed a very successful #IamWithGladys campaign that raises Kshs 8M only to discover something may have been terribly wrong.

Caught between meeting the needs of a critical medical case and safeguarding public interests in ensuring proper utilization of the raised funds, I had to think fast.

How now? Please be my guest, read entire script and add your voice.

“The first query I had was on the arrangement for travels. I was informed Gladys would be accompanied by her daughter Annita. I mentioned to them I would through my network of friends assist in getting passports for the two. But there was one more addition- ‘daktari’. I was told Buluma would be travelling with the two, to enable him follow up on the treatment for their duration of stay in India and know how to nanage his patient once they return to Kenya. I disagreed.

After the passionate appeal for funds, I didn’t see any need for additional party yet we were not sure how much would be required for entire treatment. Sometimes, un-budgeted surprises crop up. We had to save as much just in case.

I really could not understand why Buluma insisted on traveling. So I probed him. He told me he is a CLINICAL OFFICER at KNH and he has been treating Gladys for more than 10 months. A clinical officer handling such a critical patient? Why not a consultant? At that point I opted to query further on his role of managing Gladys and to what extent.”

In a bit to cover my investigations, I asked my friend Chebet to call KNH as we embarked on a mission to understand who Buluma was. The first call went to Dr. Wafula, head of Respiratory Unit. Ideally, this is the unit where Gladys matter would revolve around. Dr. Wafula said he has never heard of such a character. He told us the guy could either be a masquerader, a quack or an intern. But he expressed fears on the daily injections the patient was receiving at home. “I only hope he has been injecting water. Otherwise, her kidneys may suffer irreparable damage” he said.

Doctors could not believe the ‘doctor’ even was interviewed on a national television on this particular patient, how he was treating her and his plans for further treatment. He was a total stranger!”

Reports indicate that this gentleman might be a serial con if a post by a doctor is anything to go by,the doctor’s post read in part

“Oh dear,

The chalartan Dr Buluma of the #KNHIndiaReferralSaga, is the same one who keeps calling clinical officers for fictitious lucrative interviews in Kakuma…

He wanted to con a cancer patient of 8million.

He is still free.”

After a consultative meeting the KNH has written a letter to Clinical Council terminating Buluma’s internship banning him from the hospital’s ground and further has released an arrest on sight order if he is seen there. The question that begs though is is this the only consequence he will face? He endagered the life of a critical patient and all he gets is a pinch?


Njoki Gachanja