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Woman Fakes Cancer, Raises Millions From Innocent Kenyans

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Beatrice Achieng also Known as Betty Emmy paraded herself as a cancer warrior and has solicited funds from the public feigning to be a cancer victim.

It all started when Betty joined a cancer support group claiming she had Leukemia a form of blood cancer stage four.

During her treatment she developed kidney failure and her spleen was allegedly damaged and she needed kshs 237 million for further treatment in UK.

Many well wishers fell for her trick and pledged their support where they helped raised 40,000 per month for her treatment since October last year.

In April this year, greed took the better part of Betty and she allegedly developed another form of cancer Liver Cancer which was quite serious and she needed a liver transplant. She further developed some more cancers in the brain and lungs and this even prompted the first lady to draw a 3million shillings cheque to help her in her treatment.

The cancer support group members and Ndungu Nyoros’ group Kenya members, started getting suspicious when Betty allegedly said she flew to London for treatment but she had no care giver and no medical reports to ascertain her condition.

It further emerged that the Aga Khan University Hospital has never admitted her as a patient, the UK has never granted her any Visa for treatment abroad and the hospital in London had no patient under her name.

She started avoiding calls and even faked to have fallen into a comatose a serious condition that requires a patient to be put in ICU.

Betty further photo shopped herself in a hospital bed and that is when the group members Ndungu Nyoro included raised eyebrows to her suspicious moves.

Betty Emmy is silent about the whole issue but well wishers are being cautioned about her as she is a fake and is just out to fleece good willed members of their hard earned money.

Check out her photo shopped images;




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