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Woman Found Alive In The Huruma Building Rubble


rescue (8)A woman has been found alive under the rubble six days after the collapse of the huruma building.

The woman was rescued by the rescue team that has been working there since Friday.

Rescue operators who were moving bricks and other materials from the site heard her calling, “Tafadhali msiniue, tafadhali msiniue,”.

Reports indicate that the woman was found with a bible next to her with the book of Psalm 111 to Psalm 116 opened.

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She has been rushed to the Kenyatta National Hospital for specialised treatment.

Meanwhile the death toll has currently hit 35 with about 70 people still recorded missing.

The Kenya Red Cross Society has stated that victims who did not receive the 15,000 compensation money will have their data collected again.

The victims had earlier on blamed area chiefs and other officials for recruiting non victims and giving them the compensation money.