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Woman Gives birth at Uhuru Park moments after she was fired


Rebecca Atieno left her workplace stressed after being laid off by her boss and decided to walk to Uhuru park so she could sit and try to figure out what next.

The 20 year old who had also been evicted by her landlord for failing to pay Sh50 at a rundown lodging in Muthurwa had no idea that she will deliver her baby on the same day.

Rebecca only had her phone with her but it was off, and when she felt a call of nature and unable to pay ksh.10 to use the public toilet at the park, She surrendered her phone to the toilet attendant to use the toilet.

“I did not have Sh10 and my phone was switched off, the attendant forced me to surrender the handset so she could let me use the facility,” said Atieno

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She later went back to her spot in the park and at around 2:00 pm her water broke.

With no one in sight to help her, Atieno leaned on a tree for support, 30 minutes later she was blessed with a baby girl whom she named hope.

The 20 year old wrapped her baby in her sweater and just lay in the park.

As luck would have it, a passerby saw her and on realizing she had given birth on her own, alerted St. Johns Ambulance who helped her and took her to Kenyatta National Hospital.

At the ward, Rebecca feels like a loner, as other families are visited by relatives with gifts and goodies, all she has is a Maasai blanket to wrap her baby and a single pack of Diapers.

The young mother now hopes she will be able to get a job and be able to raise her daughter without much difficulty.