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Woman Goes Missing For Four Months After Domestic Fight With Husband


A family in Korogocho ward, Ruaraka constituency in Nairobi are living in pain over the disappearance of their kin four months ago.

Caroline Wanjiku vanished mysteriously from her matrimonial home after a protracted domestic violence with husband spanning three years.

According  to her father  John Machara, he got the report  several  days  after her daughter  fled her matrimonial  home leaving behind  two children aged one and three years.

“I got the report weeks after she vanished from her house, I expected her to come to me so that we sit down to settle the issues as family but I did not see her, I don’t know where she is,” Mzee Machara explains emotionally.

Mzee Macharia further states that his son-in law in retaliation, brought the two young children to his house and left them without saying a word.

His attempts to reach him through phone call are futile, a matter that he has reported to the police.

“He met someone who I expected them to live an happy  life, but after  short  time, I have been  left to take care of grandchildren, it is not easy to feed ,because I don’t  have a job… most of the time we go without  food,” Machara stated.

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Machara describes her daughter as a hardworking and soft spoken business oriented lady. Many times she was spending time at her grocery store in town.

She started the apples business with support from her elder brother Innocent Machara, who is a garbage collector.

“She is a quiet lady, most of time she used to sell fruits in town, she is not any career a part from business, his brother gave her a capital to start a business and she opted to start a grocery,” Machara added.

The aging Macharia, everyday is in conflict with cultural norms, since he finds it difficult to bathe them or change their nappies after defecation.

“Being an old person, I have to accord female  gender  some dignity  and privacy  no matter  how young  they are, but for now I’m  because  I’m  a widower  I have to do everything  for myself, I their nudity  is nologer  privacy   in make case,” sobbing  Machara  narrates.

Innocent Machara, brother  to the missing  Caroline, narrates that since her mysterious disappearance  in July, they have intensified  the search, but when they visited  the his sister’s  matrimonial  home in Gatundu ,Kiambu County, everybody  fled.

Only an old woman met them and said that before the disappearance the duo had a fight over a text message in the man’s phone.

“In search for my sister we went to her rural matrimonial home  in Gatundu, upon arrival, everybody  ran away, only Cucu(old woman) was left. He told us that the two were fighting  over  a text message,” said Innocent.

He further told Ghetto  Radio  that the three year old children  had revealed their father chased their mother to a thicket using a knife.

By Rodgers Oduor


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