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Woman kills her Two Children, stabs herself in Kayole


A 24 year old woman is fighting for her life at Mama Lucy hospital after attempting to commit suicide.

The woman, Winnie Frenduku allegedly tried to commit suicide moments after killing her two children following a quarrel with her mother in Kayole.

According to her mother Josephine Wambui, Frenduku stabbed her 6 year old daughter and 2 year old son at around 9 pm on Saturday after a quarrel with her mother.

The mother had allegedly asked her to stop chatting on her phone and feed her two year old.

“She got home at around 7:10 PM on Saturday and made dinner then served us but the son was asleep so I asked her to stop chatting on her phone, wake up the child and feed him. She got angry and told me to stop instructing her on how to raise her kids.’ Said Wambui

The mother said she went to put her plate away after eating only to return and find her daughter holding a bloodied knife.

“I went to put my plate away but when I returned to the living room, she was holding a bloodied knife. I don’t even know what she had done at the time but she jumped on me and stabbed my hand all the while yelling that she will kill me. She also stabbed herself on the stomach as I tried to stop her, we fell on the doorway and neighbors came to help us. She was rushed to the hospital after stabbing herself seven times.” Added Josephine.

The distraught mother says, the 24 year old has always had issues with the fact that her husband who is currently based in Qatar, left her and does not provide for the kids.

The bodies of the two children have since been moved to City mortuary.

Investigations into the matter are still ongoing.