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Woman Languishing In Poverty, Dejection After Husband Was Arrested For Defiling Daughters

A woman in Kariokor area, Sterehe Constituency in languishing in the pain of dejection and poverty following the arrest of her husband who allegedly defiled her two children.

Monica Karimi (not her real name) says that the henious act revealed to the teachers by the daughters led to the immediate arrest of her husband by police officers.

Karimi says that she never noticed that the children had something bothering them since they would always be jolly whenever she came back home from work making.

“My husband was arrested over a defilement case against our two daughters. He had been doing the henious act for a long period of time and I was not aware till it was brought to my attention by the teacher of the girls,” says Karimi.

She says that the arrest of her husband saw their landlord immediately kick her out of her house.

“The landlord told us that we could not continue staying in the house because of what had happened,” said Karimi.

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Dejected and with nowhere to go, the mother of five got a good samaritan who managed to get her a one roomed mabati house in Ziwani.

She has however accrued rent arrears and the owner of the mabati shanty also wants to kick her out.

“I have a small child, I am unable to fend for my children. The owner of this house also wants to kick us out. I do not know what to do,” lamented Karimi.

The other day the school sent my children home because I could not afford lunch for them.

“I had given them less money because I did not have food in the house. I hoped that with the little money they had, they would get something little to eat.”

Karimi is now  appealing for help so that she can have a way to fend for her children who look up to her as their only breadwinner.

She hopes to move to another area in order to give the children a new environment to facilitate their recovery from the mental torture of the ordeal.

She also finds it best that the children are moved to another school since they still go to their old school where they face criticism from other students and hopes that they get a chance to undergo counselling.

By Stella Anyango and Mercy Wangari