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Woman Narrates Painful Surgery Process Baby Went Through In India


Baby Haimana Wairimu on Tuesday jetted back home amid funfair after successful surgery in Bengalu, India.

She had her thyroid removed after she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

The 8-year-old has been on oxygen support for two years.

She was flown to India after Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko heard her moving story.

He paid for her treatment in India through his Sonko Rescue Team.

Indian surgeons said she is now out of danger after an Indian doctor in Kenya, whose second opinion was sought, said she had six months to live because her lungs were collapsing at a fast rate.

She was flown to India on May 2.

Her mother Miswaleh Mlalanze was overwhelmed with emotions upon touchdown at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Tuesday evening.

She couldn’t control her tears as she thanked Sonko.

“God used Sonko’s big heart to help us. I have no words to say how grateful I am. Only God can repay you, Governor,” she said.

Wairimu’s father Martin Kamau, who was also at the JKIA to receive their baby, said the family will continue praying for Governor Sonko to continue with his good deeds by helping the needy members of the society.

“We were stuck for close to two years with no one to help us. We cannot thank the Governor enough for helping us. God is great. We will now wait for the baby to recover as we continue to pray,” he said.

Wairimu can now smile again after the successful four-hour surgery.

Doctors in Kenya had twice misdiagnosed Wairimu, treating her for tuberculosis and pneumonia, while her thyroid glands were being eaten by cancer.

A second opinion from an Indian doctor found that Wairimu had thyroid cancer which was in stage two and spreading quickly.

The operation was supposed to take two hours but it lasted four because according to the Indian surgeons, the radio iodine medication given to her in Kenya affected her thyroids, which had to be dealt with first before being removed.

Wairimu has no thyroids now.

Thyroids are important for the development of bones because they produce calcium.

Sonko said he is grateful to God for the many successful similar cases the SRT has so far aided.

In his welcoming message to baby Haimana, the Governor pledged support the needy in the society.

“We shall continue to offer these kind of services to the needy families but most importantly we shall ensure in future these kind of surgeries are performed in our local hospitals in the county and Kenya in general,” he said.