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Woman Shares heart breaking ordeal in the hands of foreign boyfriend

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By Steve Osaka

A Kenyan woman has shared a heart wrenching ordeal she encountered in the hands of her foreign boyfriend.

Veronica Abok says that naivity, quick money and pressure from her family and friends almost drove her to her death.

Abok who comes from Kibra slums says that she met the foreigner at an eatery in Adam’a Arcade where she worked after clearing high school.

“Sikuwai namfeel but kulikuwa na pressure ya mabeste-Wee umeangukia,pia my parents were somehow excited alafu walikuwa na expectations high,but hiyo time I wasn’t ready for a relationship anyway,” she said.

The man who is a Chilean and was involved in some charity work in Kibra.

Abok says that he later went back to his home country but would send the woman cash, something that showed her he was a indeed caring.

“Sasa upkeep yenye nilikuwa natumia ilikuwa mingi kushinda ata mshahara yenye nilikuwa napata, nikaacha kazi, nikaambia babangu huyu mtu ananitumia pesa juu alikuwa anatuma like in a week anatuma ata 8,000, saa zingine 4,000 si imeshinda huko waitress nalipwa 5,500/ in a month.” she narrated.

She later on flew to Chile after the man paid for her air tickets. The man however took hours to receive her from the airport.

Later when she finally settled with the boyfriend in their home, things took a dramatic turn. She was locked up and denied communication, she was even threatened by a gun by her mother in law.

After a few months of push and pull, she flew to Kenya pregnant and with no penny.

She was forced to go to the village, to avoid being scorned by the friends who believed she had a turnaround.

The man also blocked her from all communication. He would however later resurface promising to buy her a house, something that never came to fruition.

She was dumped for the second time while expecting her second child and she resorted to  prostitution.

“Nilikuwa nafanya hiyo sasa juu ni pesa ya haraka, na hata amind ati uko na mimba ama nini.. Juu lazima rent nilipe, Nakwambia nilikuwa na infections zile haziponi” She Narrated amid sobs.

She has warned women to be wary of foreign boyfriends and not to rush into starting relationships with people they hardly know.


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