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Woman Sues Ken Lusaka for Ksh. 200,000 Monthly Upkeep for Unborn Child


By Allan Otieno

A woman has moved to court seeking Ksh. 200,000 monthly upkeep for her unborn child she claims she sired with Speaker of the Senate Ken Lusaka.

According to the documents filed in court the woman says they have been engaging in unprotected sex in a relationship that started way back in 2018.

The woman whose identity has been hidden says that Lusaka cut off contacts with her after she allegedly refused to abort the unborn child.

“That the parties herein have been having a jolty intimate affair punctuated with several instances of unprotected carnal knowledge since the year 2018 up until about two months ago, May 2021 when they disagreed strongly after the Applicant herein disclosed to the Respondent,” the petition reads in part.

According to lawyer Shadrack Wambui their client must be given a decent care as from conception.

“She has that right because the constitution stipulates that the right of the child begins at the time the mother conceives,” Wambui says

‘‘What she is asking is not too much, our client needs protection and money so that she can attend reasonable hospitals at this early stage,’’ Wambui adds.