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Women accuse Kenya Power officials of destroying their business premises

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Conflict has emerged between Kenya Power and a section of women engaged in the business of planting trees in Kayole near the Mama Lucy Hospital.

The women claim that some Kenya Power officials showed at their place of work place over the weekend and destroyed their plants claiming that they are protecting the environment.

The women say that the destruction has made them lose a lot of money.

“We have brought up our kids using this business, we do not have anywhere else to go. We do not know where to go following this harassment,” cried one woman.

The women claim that the officials have continued to harass them and threatened to further destroy their business if they do not move from the place.

They claim that the Kenya Power officials were given protection by the area chief.

“We tried to ask the chief why they are destroying our plants. We even questioned him why he had showed up with a bulldozer that was not from the county government but he refused to respond,” stated another woman.




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