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Women Can Now Urinate While Standing Like Men (Pics)


women4Technology is taking over everything even in the least areas we would expect it to. I mean it is as if gender equality campaign is being taken to a whole new level apart from the international awareness.

Women too can now urinate like their male counterparts thanks to an urination device-Go Girl- invented for this cause.

So what hat is the Go Girl?

Go Girl is a simple, sanitary device made from germ-resistant medical-grade silicone that allows women the benefit of going to the bathroom standing up. The easy-to-use device is reusable or disposable and the small storage tube fits easily into a purse or backpack.

The heaven sent device allow women to urinate standing up when a clean or non-existing public toilets is not an option. The device is Perfect for festivals, camping, and sporty activities.

It is discreet and highly hygienic. It can be reused or disposed easily.

You can get one only through shipment for as little as £20 excluding shipment fees.

Check it out;