Women demand nine positions in Uhuru’s cabinet

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Center for Rights, Education and Awareness held a protests today demanding that Uhuru Kenyatta appoints at least nine women to the Cabinet to meet two-thirds gender threshold.

The protest dubbed ‘ni mama’ aims at ensuring that the government and other duty bearers ensure gender balance in appointment of cabinet secretaries.

Speaking at the event, Wangechi Wachira of Center for Rights Education Awareness faulted President Uhuru’s recent cabinet appointments that lacked female representation.

“We demand that the president gives us at least nine seats in the remaining 13 cabinet positions,” said Wachira.

The women argue that the President must follow the two thirds gender rule.

Currently there are only 76 women in the National Assembly which is 41 short of the required number. In the Senate, the threshold for the two-thirds gender-principle is 23 members of either gender. Currently, there are 21 female Senators which is two short of the required number.