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Women go naked for the ‘silhouette challenge’


There is a new challenge trending online and it is not only making women go naked but also driving men crazy.

The ‘silhouette challenge’. For one to understand what the challenge is all about, you need to understand the word silhouette.

A silhouette is like a representation of someone or something and appears dark against a lighter background. We can say it is a shape of an object or a person that doesn’t show the exact features because it is against a lighter background.

In the ‘silhouette challenge, currently trending, we have ladies dancing naked to a mashup of “put your head on my shoulder” by Paul Anka released n 1987 and ‘streets’ by Doja Cat released in 2019.

The women are dancing under red lights allowing viewers to only see the silhouettes of their naked bodies.

Even though the red light only shows the silhouette, the wrong shade of red, like seen in some of the videos means people can see more than just a silhouette.

And as you would guess, most of the comments in the videos are from men.

The challenge just comes after the #bussitchallenge where girls were twerking to a mash-up of Kelly’s Erica Banks’ Buss it.