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  • Green Flags promote Healthy Relationships
  • Women Open up On what they expect from their partners

Though in most time people focus more on the red flags which describe the potential harmful behaviors from a partner, a green flag is a totally positive sign.

Feeling comfy, happy, and content around your partner is the biggest green flag ever.

Chilly Friday Morning in the studio I decided to ask the ladies about relationship green flags.

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The responses are captured below,

One Who Actively Listens

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If a partner is an active listener it becomes easy to build a relationship.

Women admit that it helps strengthen the bond and strongly deepens your understanding of one another.

A partner who understands your feelings and gives you space to express your emotions is definitely one to keep  .

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Respects Your Boundaries

This includes honoring what you’re not comfortable with

Boundaries can be physical (is one comfortable with Public display of affection)   or emotional which includes being spoken to in a respectful way   .

Healthy partners never cross boundaries at any time.

One who cares about Your Needs

A partner who regularly asks you how you’re feeling and asks for clarification on things they don’t understand this shows your well-being is important to them, and that they want to know you the best they can.

Expresses How they Feel

In most cases both men and women find it difficult to express how they feel,

It’s a great sign when your partner can clearly share their emotions.

This makes it easier to understand one another and clearly helps solve the majority of relationship problems.

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You can count on them consistently.

Women clearly need and want a man they can clearly count on all the time

If your partner is reliable, it means you can trust them.

If your partner regularly shows up for you, it shows they’re ready and willing to commit the necessary time and energy to your relationship as it grow

One Who You can be vulnerable around

 Someone who you feel comfortable being “emotionally exposed” with one another—or, rather, sharing emotions that may feel uncomfortable like shame, guilt, insecurity, or fear

A safe space to let it out! This type of vulnerability allows the relationship to grow.

Men, what are the green flags you look out for?  Share on the comments section




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