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Work Resumes At City Hall As Workers End Protests


Nairobi City County Workers have called off their strike after they reached an agreement with the Nairobi County Government.

The workers had closed the entrances of City Hall Annex and the Office of the governor protesting against the poor working environment at City Hall Annex.

Nairobi City County Government Workers Union Secretary general Festus Ngari said that they have agreed with the Governors administration to address their grievances by Friday 25th.

Mr. Ngari said that the agreement includes: restoring City Hall Annex lifts, ensuring there is constant water supply and maintaining toilets in the building.


“The management commits it will pay the service providers the amount they owe by Friday 25th February 2022, the executive should ensure that there will be no future disruption of lift services that also affect our productivity, that the executive will ensure constant, steady clean supply of water and all toilets will be maintained, none of the parties undertaking this will be victimized. We also demanded reliable water available for sanitation and improvement of city hall and city hall annex,” Ngari said.

They also demanded the county government to set aside Ksh 5 million to restore the lifts and repair the damaged toilets.

The Secretary General said that they had given a notice to the county government early this month but no action was taken.

“On 10th of Feb we gave a notice that our work environment especially the lifts, the toilets, the environment was going to put us in risk of occupation, diseases in line with what is contained in occupational act of 2007 supported by employment act of 2007 and further supported by our collective bargaining agreement which carries our terms and conditions of employment that are imposed today,” said Mr Ngari.