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  • Would you mingle freely with your partner’s ex-lover like we saw Zari’s man, Shakib, and Diamond.
  • Many have since reacted to the viral video terming it ‘wild’.
  • Shakib recently wedded Zari after the Ugandan socialite parted ways with Diamond.

Would you hang out freely with your partner’s ex-lover? That’s the biggest question everyone is asking following the recent video of Ugandan socialite Zari in the company of her recently wedded husband, Shakib and ex-lover Diamond.

Over My Dead Body

Judging from the reactions many have since termed the development ‘wild’.

Both men and women are wired to be jealous but men tend to be more jealous than women.

Am I right on these?

Take for  example how women  forgive a cheating partner many times.

However, this is not the same case with men who once are cheated on by their partners are not easy to let it go.

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In many occasions that marks the end of the relationship.

Zari and Diamond’s case further points out at the composition of todays families where separation happened with children needing co-parenting.

Further complicating the scenario is when both parties have moved on with new partners in tow.

It’s not always easy to bring both party’s together like we witnessed with Diamond.

And with Diamond’s children not older enough to understand relationship issues, how does one really explain this to the them?

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Another aspect breeding envy is the huge difference in financial muscle between Shakib and Diamond.

Shakib seems more of a toy boy compared to Diamond’s staggering wealth.

Diamond, his children Nillan & Tiffah with Zari’s husband Shakib


Fans Reactions

The video is still attracting a heated debate with netizens sharing their divergent opinions.

We sampled a few of the reactions.

“The owner of the well never queues’

“Wangu wange cooperate hivi ningekuwa mbali”

“Tiffah is like ‘Daddy when you are in Tanzania, mum and this bouncer sleeps on the same bedroom”

“With money comes a lot of peace”

“Real definition of maturity”

“Ladies sasa kupewa deputy ni kitu ya kufanya upige nduru”

Zari and Shakib recently walked down the isle after their previous traditional wedding.

Fondly referred to as ‘Boss Lady’, All Zari asked for as bride price was simply a Quran.

All in all, would you be comfortable in the company of your partner’s ex-lover?

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