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Yamoto Band Splits

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Since the release of their song Mama in February last year, fame and fortune seems to have worked againstTanzania’s Yamoto band as it is now reported that in recent times each member of the celebrated group is singing a different tune.

“Everyone is pointing fingers, accusing each other for the collapse of a group that was once loved by all. Even as each of them is working on solo projects” Said Fella the man who brought together the band’s members.

Speaking to Bongo 5 recently, the prominent businessman, tried to absolve Dogo Aslay of any blame, saying it was being economical with the truth for each artiste to try to gain prominence than use the group for growth.

“When the band started, I wanted Alsay to hold the hands of the others so that they become popular. But business has changed and groups are no longer in demand. The fee for a group is very different compared to that of a solo artiste,”he added

“When people hear the fee Yamoto demands, they run away yet they can pay an individual artiste up to Tanzania Sh1.8 million. We looked at the situation and decided, as management, to let each artiste earn from their own sweat,” he elaborates.

But why is Fella absolving Dogo Aslay of any crime? Did the Kusema artiste, who was already a star before the group came about, become too selfish for the group?

According to Beka Flavour, a member of Yamoto, Dogo Aslay is the reason the group is no more.

“Kile kitu kilifanya tujiulize kwa nini huyu katoa ngoma sisi wengine tukikaa kimya tutaonekana kama hatuna uwezo wa kufanya kitu, ebu na sisi tufanye lakini hatukutaka kufanya kama alivyofanya yeye, basi tukaomba uongozi wetu na kukubaliana, Mkubwa akasema mnakuwa mnajiongeza na kujikuza kwenye muziki. We asked ourselves why Aslay released a song while we were silent as if we do not have the talent to emulate him, so we decided to each go our separate ways and do what he did, so we asked the management and Fella said we are growing up so we need to try things out” says Beka



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