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  • Human Rights groups say Kenyan police are not well equipped
  • Ariel Henry took office in 2021 since the murder of President Jovenel Moise

Haitians living abroad have not taken lightly the decision by Kenya to send its police officers to Haiti in order to tackle criminal gangs terrorizing residents.

Videos circulating on socio media show Haitians demonstrating calling for a stop the decision to send Kenyan police officers to Haiti.

“William Ruto… US puppet… Kenya… shame on you! “The protesters could be heard saying.

In the videos,the angry protesters who it could not be established exactly where they were demonstrating at could be seen carrying flags chanting anti-Kenya slogans while lambasting the President for taking such a decision.

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‘Haiti Gangs armed by the USA,” one of placards read.

On Monday the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution to authorize Kenya and other countries interested in sending their police to Haiti in order to tackle the criminal gangs roaming the streets of Haiti.

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Prime Minister Ariel Henry

Former police officer Jimmy “Barbecue” Cherizier, leader of the ‘G9’ coalition, leads a march surrounded by his security against Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti September 19, 2023. REUTERS/Ralph Tedy Erol TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

It is alleged that most Haitians outside of the elite and political class do not consider Ariel the legitimate leader, but the United Nations and the International community, including the United States, recognize him, prompting yet another concern about this intervention.

Ariel took office in 2021 since the murder of President Jovenel Moise at his residence in the early hours of July 7.

Human rights groups have also castigated the Kenyan government for sending the police to Haiti saying the police are not well equipped to handle the criminal gangs.

“Accordingly, we emphasize the importance of examining the human rights track record of Kenyan security forces in full before endorsing their deployment to Haiti,” Renzo Pomi, Amnesty International Representative at the United Nations stated in an open letter to Members of the Security Council.

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