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“ You can even be asked to suck toes” Socialite opens up about high end prostitution


By Annette Amondi

Nairobi Diaries actress and socialite Bridget Achieng has opened up about her life as a high end prostitute.

While on an interview with BBC Africa the curvaceous lass gave some in depth details about the trade saying she got into it because she was desperate for money.

She went on to reveal how she would crazy offers after her nude photos went viral.

“I had to do it to just get back up, it’s not something any woman should be proud of doing, I tried (the trade), I wouldn’t say I didn’t try, you are a desperate girl looking for money and this guy offers you like 10 thousand dollars (about 1 Million Kenya Shillings) to just to go and visit him. 10 thousand dollars! Some people have never seen 10 thousand dollars in their life. You just need to look pretty and get 10,000 dollars and get on that flight and do what you have to do,” she said

The socialite went on to reveal how she would be asked to do nasty things worth the amount she was receiving and adviced young girls to avoid the trade.

“The young girls need to know. There is nothing for nothing when you want a million bucks you will do something that is worth a million bucks…Baby girl, nothing goes for nothing,” she added