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  • Shakilla revealed that she has lost count of the men she has slept with.
  • Sidika clapped back at Shakilla

An ongoing feud between two prominent Kenyan socialites Shakilla and Vera Sidika has taken a heated turn.

The beef ignited when Shakilla known for her candid remarks suggested that curvaceous Vera Sidika should consider retiring to focus on her role as a mother to her two kids.

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Shakilla only 20 years old stated in an interview that Vera should stop comparing herself to someone like Shakilla now that she is currently a mother.

“Vera is a mother right now, she shouldn’t be comparing herself to people like us. Girl settle down, breastfeed your kids, we don’t need you in the streets. You are done,”

Shakilla said.

The comments did not sit well with Vera Sidika, who is famously linked to singer Brown Mauzo and shares two children with him.

 In retaliation, Vera took to her Instagram stories to launch a verbal attack on Shakilla.

She hit back by mocking Shakilla’s alleged body count, a sensitive topic given that Shakilla had recently admitted to losing track of the number of men she had been involved with.

“Body count in 2023 is 100. No wonder at her 20, b*oobs are flat like bathroom slippers,”

Vera said.

Brown Mauzo

Shakilla, visibly provoked by Vera’s response, wasn’t one to back down. She fired back on Instagram, suggesting that Vera’s decision to settle down with Brown Mauzo was in stark contrast to the high standards Vera had supposedly set for herself.

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“Having all this nyash bragging that she dined with the Kardashians but ends up marrying a beach boy who gave her a fake diamond ring,”

Shakilla said.

Shakilla shared an intriguing detail in a recent interview claiming that she always gets tattoos of her ex-boyfriends when they die

“I have 19 tattoos in total, 11 are of my ex, ….I got my first tattoo immediately when my ex-boyfriend died. The most inspiring tattoo I have is of my best friend’s face. “I tattoo my ex-boyfriends when they die,”

Shakilla claimed.

This revelation sent shock waves through the socialite scene, with many questioning the mysterious circumstances surrounding Shakilla’s past relationships.

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