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“You stole our win, No! We won Elections” Kevo Kayforce new banger


‘You stole elections, you did not win democratically’
Like it or not, the village boy is the president…’
Mtaiba Kenya (You will loot the country)
Tushamaliza dynasty (Weve ended the dynasty rule)
‘Respect Baba’
‘Respect Ruto’

Anyway we are all Kenyans, why must we care about them? Politics wont change our lives, let us focus on us, our unity and prosperity.
This is the artistic tone set by Kenya ni yetu, a hiphop street banger by Kevo Kay force. Are you a Kenya Kwanza or Azimio die hard or follower? Are you a Kenyan who follows none or follows all but critical of none? Kenya ni yetu (Kenya is ours) puts you on either choice but convinces you to choose Kenya in the end.

The poetry and lyrical mastery showcased on this hip-hop track by Kevo Kayforce is off the hook. It captures the silent discussions on Kenyan minds after the competitive 2022 elections that saw the main coalitions separated by only 233,211 votes. The song pitches against each other the two main political divides; Azimio One Kenya alliance led by Raila Odinga and Kenya Kwanza by William Ruto, beefing with harsh piercing words against each other in a typical Kenyan setting at any social place or in our living rooms. Creatively, the third verse brings out the logic in the need for our unity as a country. The lyrics advocate for less focus on the politician as the solution to most of our problems as a nation. It addresses the need for cohesion for prosperity. Critically Kenya faces high cost of living, unemployment, corruption, health, underproduction amongst other concerns.

The Number Nane music founder, Kevo Kayforce hails from Kibra and has been consistent on the hip-hop scene for quite some time. Another street hit on the same political theme is Voice Kibera featuring Octopizzo released eleven years ago that claims critical poetry showcasing ordinary Kenyans lives emotionally bound to the politicians for solutions that never see the light of the day.

By Julius Owino Majimaji


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