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  • Akon has maintained that the only way to stay rich is to stay stingy.
  • He’s on record for donning fake designer outfits and selling his jet to stay afloat.
  • He’s one of the wealthiest music star’s from Africa.

African American singer Akon has revealed that the only way to stay rich is to stay stingy.

The “Locked Up” hit maker maintained that he’s one of the stingiest personalities.

According to Akon, the money at hand is meant to last a lifetime and the best way to safeguard it is by being stingy.

“That is the advice I give everybody, the money that you have now has to last you a lifetime, the moment you think about it happening, the moment you think about it that way you gonna be like the way you like manage everything is gonna be different listen ‘you wanna stay rich, stay stingy yeah facts am the stingiest motherf***er” he stated partly.

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Sold His Jet

Despite having a busy diary that requires much traveling Akon bought a jet but couldn’t cope up with it.

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He had the plane running for only six months before he sold it off.

Akon affirmed that owning a jet is not childs play.

He revealed spending at least $2-3 million a year on upkeep.

His general view was that the maintainance is higher than the actual the jet cost.

Akon further checks on his spending by not donning real designer outfits.

A while back, Akon received backlash for wearing a fake Dior outfit.

He would later confirm that indeed the outfit was fake bought from an African friend.

Wealthiest African Artist

Akon is one of the wealthiest African artists having got his biggest break in 2004.

His singles “Locked Up” and “Lonely” gave him overwhelming success.

He continues to give back to  Africa through lighting up homes through solar powered energy systems.

Currently, Akon is setting up “The Akon City” which will be ready by the year 2024.

September 24, 2023

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