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Young girls dropping out of schools over school fee

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School dropout numbers are increasing each and every day and the main reason for this being lack of funds to pay fees.

The ghetto is the most affected areas and the teenagers who drop out of schools either turn into early marriages and boys turn into crime.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio, Shanita Anyango says that she was forced to drop out if school because of lack of funds. Says that her mum is a single parent and cannot manage to pay school fees for both her and her siblings.

She added that she had to help her mother look for funds to pay for her younger sibling’s school fees because her mother is a single parent.

“I dropped out of school when I was in form two because my parents could not afford to pay my school fees and we had not money to cater for our needs. My dad left us and my mum does casual work to cater for our needs so she could not afford to pay school fees for my siblings and me,” said Anyango.

Anyango also said that the teachers in school could send them back home because of lack of school fees and could to give them a chance to express themselves.

“When in school, I could always be sent home because of school fees and the teachers could not understand the fact that we had no cash at home and they could say that I always had excuses,” added Anyango.

She later added that she is requesting for help from well-wishers inorder for her to finish her education and pursue her dreams.

“I was requesting if anyone could come out and help me because I have dreams of finishing school and help my mum,” Said Anyango.


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