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Young Mothers Protest Outside Parliament Over High Cost Of Living

Young mothers yesterday took to the streets to protest against the high cost of living.

The young mothers held a procession from the Jivanjee Gardens to Parliament buildings to get the MPs to hear their cries.

The claimed the high cost of living has made many essential commodities like food and diapers unaffordable to them.

Umma Hamim from Mathare says that they hope that the protests will draw a picture of what they are going through.

“We want them to know that we are really suffering and unable to afford essential items while they are driving big cars and are holed up in their big beautiful building,” said Hamim.

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“We have forget how meat tastes because it has turned out to be a meal being eaten during special occasions like Christmas.”

Kenya is among the many contries in the whole world that have experienced skyrocketing costs of commodities.

Just the other day, the cost of fuel went up further shoring up the costs of other items.