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‘Your career ended the day you messed with me’ Willy Paul tells Producer iLogos

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Controversial singer Willy Paul has responded after music producer iLogos got his song ‘Collabo’ deleted from Youtube

Ilogos had earlier issued a statement claiming that Willy Paul had not fully paid for the song and that is why he deleted it.

“How do you complain about MCSK when you can’t even pay the producer that you work with. Time for changes. Some artistes need some lessons. This is why the Kenyan industry is not progressing. We have to stop this.” He said

Willy Paul now says that Ilogos statement was a lie adding that the two of them had friction because Willy Paul said he was no longer interested in working with Ilogos.

“You pulled down my song (Collabo) and lied to people that I owe you money simply because I told you I was no longer interested in your tracks.” Pozee wrote in part

He further added that it was high time Ilogos explained his business dealings in Kenya and how he got papers to set up a business in Kenya.

“You cannot come to my country and act like you own shit. First you’ll have to explain to the government how you got your papers, Work permit, residential documents and also explain to KRA how you’ve been making millions and not paying taxes. Your career ended the day you messed with me.” Pozee added


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