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Youth block Juja Road as they protest the Kazi Mtaani selection process


Rowdy youth blocked off Juja Road for the better part of Monday morning as they protested what they termed as favoritism in the selection for the Kazi Mtaani initiative.

According to the youth, leaders have been selecting only people known to them with some even being brought from different arrears to take up the jobs.

Mlango Kubwa area chief Samuel Githinji however refuted the allegations saying the youth who took to the streets were part of the first phase of the initiative.

“This program was to run in groups, the first group already finished and the second group is just coming in. Those who are protesting were part of the first phase. Each group was to go for a total of 11 days then hand over to the next group. This rotation is supposed to work like that for the next six months.” he said

The chief also refuted the claims that there are people who registered in Mathare yet they do not come from Mathare.

He also urged those claiming that they were not paid to go through the right channel in order to follow up on their payment.

“Those who claim they were not paid should go through the right channel and they will be sorted. No one was brought from elsewhere this list was compiled with the help of the Nyumba kumi elders.” he added

The protest resulted into a huge snarl up along Juja Road. Police were deployed in the area to disperse the rowdy crowd.