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Youth Dies After Beatings By Chief’s “Gang” At Chang’aa Den


Viwandani ward residents  are now demanding justice following the killing of a youth at  chang’aa den in Jamaica slums in Makadara constituency.

According to Frank Omoro who spoke to Ghetto Radio News  this morning , the deceased was mercilessly beaten by a group associated with an elder working in the office of the area  chief Mr. Fredrick Ingondi.

He says the group cornered him at the den, beat him further inflicting injuries on him. t was at this point that he was rushed to Mama Lucy Hospital and passed away when receiving treatment.

‘‘He had a scuffle with the elder at the den the elder then  a called a group of rowdy youths including her son who landed on him with thorough beatings…we later took him to Mama Lucy Hospital for treatment where he succumb,’’  Frank  explained.

They are now demanding the immediate transfer of the area chief whom they are accused of taking bribes from chang’aa brewers  in  area and propagating the vice.

‘‘Chief Fredrick must now Leave Viwandani our  youths are dying at chang’aa dens yet he is here watching… the government should take action now before we take unspecified actions.’’ He stated.

Meanwhile  our efforts to reach Chief Fredrick over the matter remains futile as our calls went unanswered.