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Youth In Njiru Takes Up Urban Farming


Farming is an economic activity many people have lost connection with especially those living in the urban centres despite the growing population, the demand  and the increasing prices of the  staple food that are mainly agricultural produce.

To bridge the gap Willis Obegi a youth in Njiru within Kasarani subcounty has taken the bold step to use the limited space in his compound to grow vegetables for subsistence and cash for those that may need in small scales.

Obegi believes the inspiration to grow vegetables was triggered by hard economic times, the Covid-19 pandemic and health concerns among others.

“When Covid-19 struck markets were closed and even those who had money could not find where to buy food or vegetable because most vegetables we consume come from the rural areas. That is why I chose to use the limited space to at least plant some veges,” Obegi stated.

To bridge the technological  gaps, he uses old tyres and sacks to grow tomatoes and kales and the local variety, water cans to water his plants and hand held sprayer to apply pesticides. In many cases he uses decomposed food as fertiliser.

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“Due to of limited space, I use sacks filed with soil, old jerry cans and tyres  to grow my vegetables, based on simple technology and is dependable for subsistence and sometimes I also make cash of it,” he narrates.

Based on simple routine Obegi waters his kitchen garden every morning before he leaves for Kenyatta Market where he operates a cyber and also sell French fries.

“Every morning I adequately water my vegetables so that they don’t dry up regardless of the weather, so when it’s sunny, I assign my siblings to water them in  in the evening because sometimes I can get home late,” he added.

Some people take to urban farming to lower grocery bills and bring healthy foods to their tables and  also making fresh food more accessible.

By Rodgers Oduor


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