Youth killed by police in cold blood

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Youth in Kiamaiko slums are calling for justice for their colleague who was shot dead in cold blood by police two weeks ago.

The youth claim 19 year old Clubberton Mwabebe was shot dead by a rogue police officer attached to the Kariobangi Police station known as Galgalo.

They say the police later poured dirty water on the body, and placed a fake pistol on the body and three phones,  a move meant to make the boy look like he was a criminal fleeing the police.

The youth claim area MCA Jared Okoth is witness who saw the body before the police placed the fake gun and phones on him.

“MCA Okoth Okode arrived less than 30 minutes after he was killed, his body had not yet been moved by the police, he did not have anything on him. The gun and the other two phones were placed on him by the police later on,” he said.

“What bothers us most is that another youth was killed just the same way that the diseased died,” said a youth who did not want his name published.

They are now calling on IPOA to launch an investigation into the rogue officer over his harassment and killing of innocent youth.

“If he was really a thief, why attempt to hide his body at the Huruma Police station when he was shot in Mathare North an area under the jurisdiction of Kariobangi police station?” he further posed.

“We need the police to answer all these questions and stop the killing of innocent youths,” he said.