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Youth wasting away their Kazi Mtaani cash on muguka and alcohol


As thousands of youths across the country continue benefit from the Kazi Mtaani initiative, women are reportedly ustilising the funds better than their male counterparts.

David Odhiambo Secretary General Eastleigh Residents Community Association says that many female Kazi Mtaani employees have put their monies into good use as opposed to men who are spending their money on muguka and other fun things.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News, Odhiambo who also participated in the recruitment of the Kazi Mtaani cohorts stated that some women have managed to use the funds to start their small businesses.

“Some men are using their money in fun stuff like muguka and beer. Some even moved out of their homes and rented lodges in Eastleigh since the prices had gone down,” said Odhiambo

“I am not saying that all of them are wasting their cash because i know a few who are taking good care of their families with it, but the ladies are putting them in better use if i were to compare,” he said.

Amina Jamanoo and Warkitu Guyo have managed to start their businesses using the Kazi Mtaani projects.

While Jamanoo  has started making uji using the Kazi Mtaani Capital, Guyo has used her money to sell muguka.

“I wake up at 5.30 and make sure that at the site for Kazi Mtaani by 7.30 am then at 11 am, i leave for my uji business which had previously stalled,” says Jamanoo.