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Youths Decry Unfairness in Kazi Mtaani Program Third Phase Roll Out

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A section of youths has now raised concerns over the Kazi Mtaani Project Portal that was launched by the government last week saying they are experiencing difficulties in accessing it.

The youth claim that some of them have no access to internet bundles and smart phones hence hampering their access to the portal.

Eastleigh Community Residents Association Secretary General David Odhiambo claims that using the portal to access the Kazi Mtaani services will enhance inequality.

“We must register our disappointment because some of our youths are not technically equipped and we also have network challenges in some of the areas ….this will negatively impact on our youths who can’t access the internet…juu saa hizi Vijana wako juu ya mawe wengine hawana bundles na wengine hiyo doo ya bundle hakuna so ni hard mazee hiyo story ya portal si fair portal pia inasumbua.” Odhiambo told Ghetto Radio News.

The Kazi Mtaani portal is experiencing technical hitches since its launch with government citing traffic as the cause.

 “All those experiencing glitches we shall sort you out, don’t stress,” PS Charles  Hinga said  on twitter.

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Odhiambo has requested the government to also reconsider engaging chiefs and Nyumba Kumi as well.

“We want the government to reconsider this because not all of them were corrupt…the use of  technology is tedious for us,” he added.

By yesterday 181,000 youth had registered for the Kazi Mtaani information management platform that was launched by Hinga.

Registration data available on November 20th shows Nairobi leading with 37,800 applicants followed by Kiambu with 14,900 and Nakuru in third place with 9,650.

In the third phase of Kazi Mtaani program the government will tap skilled youths in different fields which include carpentry, plumbing, masonry  among other disciplines.

 “On construction we have very exciting works where you’ll work either as a skilled (mason, plumber etc) or unskilled. You’ll work under a master builder, you’ll be trained (apprenticeship), you’ll get NITA Accredited & NCA Certified. After KM you’ll now be employable. Form groups,” Hinga stated.

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