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Youths who benefited from Ruto’s tanks decry demolition of premise


A section of Embakasi West constituency youth who received business equipment from deputy President William Ruto are decrying the demolition of their business premises by the Kenya National Highways Authority.

The youth who received water tanks and car wash machines state that their hustle was demolished yesterday by KENHA officials who claimed that they had encroached a public land.

“Deputy President William Ruto gave us these tanks to start a business. We have been doing well only for KENHA to come and demolish them,” cried one youth.

“Right now we are stranded, we cannot go back to the DP to give us more tanks. How are we going to get the second chance?” posed another youth.

The youth claim that they are reformed youth earning an honest hustle and destroying their property might take some of them back to crime.

“When politics is applied on everything, we are the people who get hurt because we smell politics in this demolition,” said another youth.

They are now appealing for peace among the leaders to save them from hurting.

Ruto under the hustler wave has been distributing water tanks, wheelbarrows, car wash machines and many other equipment for the sole purpose of empowering the youth.