Kenyan YouTuber Iam Marwa is truly a kind hearted man this is after he resorted to building his neighbours a three-bedroom house in less than 10 days.

The YouTuber, with the help of his fans, has constructed the house as a way of uplifting the lifestyle of his neighbours.

Marwa posted the progress of the house on his Instagram page as he asked for suggestions of the colour of paint fit for the newly constructed house.

“Which color should we paint mama Ann’s house ?? For the new fans here, me and my YouTube fans decided to build mama Ann this beautiful cute house in less than 10 days .Now we want to paint it and we want you to help us Decide which color,” commented Marwa.

Marwa flaunted the new house in another video as he showed the transformation that his neighbours are going to have.

Apparently the girl name Ann approached Iam Marwa for help after lacking Ksh1000 for remedial lessons and money to buy some essentials.Anna was stranded since her family had no means of providing for her needs.

Marwa shared the story with his fans who then decided to come together and contribute some money for Ann and her family.

 The YouTuber took the contributions to Ann’s home and that is how he got to learn about the difficult lifestyle that the family was living in.

By Stella Anyango

February 2, 2023

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