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  • Zahara’s two sisters are alleged to have stole her bank cards and splashed the money on extravagant shopping.
  • Zahara’s husband, Mpho Xaba was struggling to pay the rising medical bills, on learning about the two sisters vice, he threw them out.
  • These scenes paint a tainted relationship between Zahara and her sisters while the singer was bedridden and battling liver cirrhosis.

Departed South African songbird Bulelwa Mkutukana popularly known as Zahara had her bank cards stolen by her two sisters. They later embarked on a shopping spree despite Zahara’s husband struggling to pay rising medical bills.

The two sisters were staying with the just-married couple in their Johannesburg residence and had witnessed their sister’s husband struggling to pay their sisters rising medical bills.

In spite of the two sisters having a first-hand account knowledge on financial constraints at their sister’s home they went ahead and spent it lavishly.

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Thrown Out

Reports from a local publication revealed that Zahara’s husband, Xaba threw out the two sisters, Lumka and Bandezwa Mkutukana from their home immediately he got wind of the happenings.

Grapevine revealed that the two sisters had stepped out like real bosses spending what is not theirs.

This saw them buy fake designer brands from Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and diesel among other brands.

The source further added that the heavy spending gave the sisters a feeling of an overseas shopping in Paris, Dubai or New York.

The pair also treated themselves with a spa visit where they got cheap make-up and later bought dozens of the same.

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At the height of all this, Zahara was bedridden in a private hospital battling liver cirrhosis with her condition worsening by the day.

Zahara’s husband was also said to have eavesdropped the two sisters discussing issues related to her insurance. This saw him denying them entry in the hospital.

These scenes paint a tainted relationship between Zahara and her two sisters on her deathbed.

When sought for comment they neither agreed nor denied the allegations.



December 16, 2023

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