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  • Newlywed socialite Zari Hassan has a curfew set by her husband Shakib, but she broke it.
  • Zari was attending a birthday party for her friend Pearl Thusi.
  • She had not made her way home by her 12.00 am curfew time but did not appear to be in a hurry.

Socialite Zari Hassan is not letting marriage stop her from living her life.

Over the weekend, the mother of five partied hard with her South African friends and she documented the round of events on her Instagram page as she took fans through her drive from her home to her friend’s birthday.

Zari had friends in her company who were cheering on while enjoying their drinks and among them was South African actress Pearl Thusi who happened to be marking her 35th birthday.

Thusi’s birthday celebrations went on till late as Zari showed herself sipping a drink and dancing to music mentioning that her husband will not be impressed about her staying out till late.

“My husband won’t like this, but I’m outside and loyal. When he says ‘I want you home by midnight, but it’s 23:45 and you have 20 minutes drive to get home.”

~Zari Hassan

Zari Kisses Pearl Thusi

In another video when she approaches the celebrated Queen Sono actress, Zari is seen locking lips with Pearl Thusi in a sweet interaction after arriving at the party.

This is not the first time Zari has kissed her friend. In 2022, while hanging out Zari and Thusi did the same generating all sorts reactions online.

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