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Zari and Diamond Unveil Face Of Their Son Prince Nillan


Claims that Tanzanian top star,one Diamond Platnumz cannot have kids of his own aren’t news on the blogosphere. This explains why the internet went all craze when his baby mama Zari fell pregnant with their first baby-Tiffah.

The disturbed artiste was pushed to the wall even harder to undergo  a DNA test to confirm his paternity with the daughter after social media confirmed the kid did not resemble his looks or skin color. These claims suggested that Zari had played foul on him and that he was raising someone else’s daughter.

The undying claims almost crumbled their relationship before the DNA results saved the day.

Like déjà vu, seems the artiste is going through the very same experience after the unveiling of Prince Nillan’s-second kid- face after he clocked 40 days old.

And in accordance with their earlier practice with their first child, Prince Latifah, Diamond and Zari  celebrated their son’s birth and his endorsement with Tanzanian brands, GSM Mall and Baby Shop on Saturday. This makes Nillan a kid brand ambassador just like his elder sister, Latifah.

Prince Nillan’s 40 days celebration was held at Diamond’s mansion which is popularly known as “The State House in Mandale” Tanzania,

In attendance was the who’s who in the Tanzanian showbiz industry as well as friends and family members of the power couple.

However, the days merry merry were spoilt after the internet streamed with Nillan’s photo after his face was unveiled for the first time.

Like  hungry beasts, SHILAWADU (Shirika La Wambea Duniani) were ready to “chambua” the innocent baby’s looks…….and yet again, they claim Diamond “alicheswo”.

Prince Nillan bears his mother’s light skin color but completely resembles his elder sister, Latifah.

His lips though……gives daddy some approaching light at the end of the tunnel.

So does this call for another DNA test??? And by the way, Zari was chopping money like no one’s business!

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