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Zari Hassan back together with Nigerian boyfriend

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Socialite Zari Hassan and her Nigerian boyfriend Dark Stallion are still together despite Zari’s earlier claims that they had called the relationship quits.

Last week Zari in a social media post claimed that she missed her boyfriend Dark Stallion but the relationship was not building her and it was not worth.

However a video that has surfaced on Social Media shows the two cosying up to each other at their manager Galston Anthony’s house.

Anthony shared the video thanking Zari for coming to their new home.

He was also thanking Zari for being a good godmother to the son and a good friend to the wife and the family.

The video of Zari and the boyfriend Dark Stallion left people confused with others saying that they thought the two broke up.

However, others were happy that the two are still together and that their relationship is still intact.

“Lakini Zari tu?? we thought he’s gone then boom here we are….kaa uko sawa tuko sawa @zarithebosslady,” reasonwell30.

The two are still confusing people whether they are together or not because even the boyfriend wished Zari a happy life.


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