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Zari Hassan claps back at her ‘In-laws’ after being trolled



South African based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has fired back at her Tanzanian ‘in-laws’ after they trolled her.

A number of Tanzanian netizens took to social media to share photos of Zari during her recent visit to the Pepsi plant in the company of her baby daddy.

According to Tanzanians, Zari has added so much weight and looks nothing like the Zari that lived in Tanzania two years ago.

She has now responded to the critics saying her weight gain is as a result of the South African lockdown.

She argued that for the last five months all she has been doing is eating and staying indoors adding that the lockdown also came in the middle of the South African winter.

Zari says she is surprised people are concerned about her weight yet she is the one carrying it.

“Nimeskia kuna wadada huko Kilutano wanasema eti nimenenepa. Tumekuwa Lock-down 5 months going 6, and we could not go anywhere or do anything. Tunakaa ndani, wewe umewahi kufungiwa kwenye nyumba, miezi mitano, it becomes so crazy. Sehemu unaenda ni Fridge, Jikoni kupika na sebuleni kukaa. Plus, it was South Africa winter hakuna sehemu ya kuswim or walk.” She said

Zari also clapped back at saying the society is always too quick to judge people based on how skinny or fat they are. She also added that she is not worried about the weight gain because it is easy for her to lose weight.

“I used to work out but sai hizi kuna watu wanaumwa eti Zari Kanenepa, it’s so easy to put on weight, and it easy for me to lose the weight. Sasa hapo ulipo kama unaumwa because of my weight sijui. I’m the one who is putting on the weight, you are the one who is having a headache or the pain. I don’t understand how? When people are skiny, they have HIV, they are stressing an all that, but when people are fat, ooh she is so ugly, shapeless or whatever. I am beautiful in my own skin whether am skin or fat. Am me being beautiful is not just about my size, lot of things contributes to me being beautiful. So let people be, who they wanna be, if am putting on weight am gonna work on it” she added

Zari has also been accused of editing the photos she posts in order to look slimmer than she actually is.