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Zari Hassan responds after Netizens reveal her alleged hubby is Gay


Ugandan socialite and business woman Zari Hassan has been forced to break her silence after netizens revealed that her alleged hubby is gay.

On Friday, online detectives unearthed South African business man Cedric Anthony Fourie as Zari’s alleged King Bae.

On Thursday in a short ins-live video Zari gave fans a glimpse of her mysterious man for the first time.

Hours after Zari’s video online detectives unearthed his identity as Cedric Anthony a South African businessman and actor.

However as ladies were left drooling over the man online detectives then unearthed another bombshell.

Zari’s alleged hubby is now being accused of being gay after a series of photos of him hanging out with a Gay South African socialite surfaced online.

Cedric was also part of the cast of a reality tv show dubbed ‘Lasizwe’ based around a young gay South African Man.

Zari has been forced to come to Cedric’s defense and is now asking Netizens to stop stalking he South African actor.

“May I request that we stop following Cedric’s moves. It is out of line with the level of stalking you are doing. I am your person not him. Let us not cross the line,” She said