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Zari Hassan Robbed!!!!!

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za1Thugs and judges have one thing in common.They both are respectors of no man, no class, no fame….nothing!! Once thugs are on your case,your social status becomes void…..just like judges except for the fact that the latter can be bribed whilst thugs cannot.

Remember Lucky Dube?? He was shot dead by thugs. Locally, Kaka Sungura and Calvo Mistari will tell you better. I remember Kaka Sungura’s case was robbery at gunpoint……and it was ugly just like Zari Hassan would narrate to you about her latest experience.

Apparently Zari is weeping after being robbed her hand bag which had all her phones,Bank cards but importantly her ID-and as usual,she has let the internet know.

Zari took to her Instagram to cry foul of her loss to ruthless thugs. She also made it clear that she holds no grudge against them but will instead pray for them.

When a woman’s handbag is stolen it’s like your ‘world’ has been taken away from you… am literally stripped of everything. Cellphones, bank cards most importantly your ID. I hold no grudge on these thugs, I’ve prayed and handed them to God ‘coz life still gotta go on

However, a section of her Instagram fans have translated the post differently by claiming that there is a hidden meaning behind it. Was she suggesting something like a mishap between her familynand spouse or was her handbag stolen for real????

Whatever…..pole Mama Tee.



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