In Summary

  • Zilla cuts through Luo rap with “Bungu”.
  • The song delves on wildlife conservation.
  • It was recorded barely one year ago before its recent viral status.

Fast rising rapper Zilla also known as Luo Gong Zilla is cutting through the Luo rap scene and the musical world at large with the song dubbed “Bungu”. The song delves on wildlife conservation.

The term “Bungu” is derived from the Luo language loosely translating to “Forest” or  simply “Wildlife”.

With an infectious style, Zilla brings out his energy through his choice of words with a rhyme scheme and wordplay never seen before.

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As the song kicks off, Zilla affirms that taming wild animals and poaching is a no-go zone.

“Okinyal pidho ong’er mano munglu iloko mwanda diel mano punglu, somebody tell ’em stop breeding elephants” he raps partly.

When he gets to the chorus, Zilla uses repetition to further drive the point home while creating the musicality.

“Bungu, bungu,bungu, Lee modak e bungu” he raps partly.

In the second verse, Zilla further schools the masses on wildlife conservation while also reminding witchdoctors to stop using snakes in their operations.

“Waganga let go off the snakes, it’s not fair when you grab them by the necks” he continues partly.

One Year Old Song

In a recent online engagement, Zilla revealed that the song “Bungu” is actually one year old. He noted that he created it as an anthem during the auditions for ‘World Wildlife Day’.

It was a just a simple chorus which he performed on the D-Day and was endorsed by the Wildlife conservationists.

Through it, he has since performed at several corporate gigs geared towards wildlife and environmental conservation.

Recently, Zilla dropped a few bars at the just concluded ‘Marwa Awards’ sending the audience to a frenzy.

“So ‘Bungu’ by the way ni ya kitambo it was like one year ago, there were auditions for these guys for ‘World Wildlife Day’ so they wanted a theme song consideration to the day and the topic so I auditioned through this song but it was just a chorus” he explained partly.

Despite creating the awareness on wildlife conservation, Bungu’s video lack the wildlife touch from it’s town’s execution. However, it’s one hell of a good trial.

The fast rising star further notes that as much as “Bungu” has put him on the map, there’s still more to be done as far as support is concerned.

Already Zilla is scratching his head with a follow-up song that would surpass “Bungu’s” reception.



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