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Ziwani/Kariokor Ward Aspirant Accuses Competitor Of Trying To Bribe Him With Ksh. 2 Million

An aspirant for the Ziwani/Kariokor Ward seat has accused his competitor of trying to bribe him out of the political race using Ksh. 2 Million.

Abdul Kyalo popularly known as Daddy who is vying on a Federal party of Kenya ticket says that one of his opponents has approached him twice to step down and endorse him.

Kyalo a parking attendant says that he however refused both times adding that he is vying because he has the interest of the people at heart.

”I have been pursued by my opponent from a major party. He came and offered me Ksh. 2 Million to step down and I refused. I told him that that amount of money is not as important to me as helping my people. He left me and came back a second time offering me the same amount to step down and offer support to him instead and I still refused. I told him the issue was non-negotiable,” said Abdul.

Abdul Kyalo mentions that even though the amount offered was a sizable amount, he had the interests of the people at heart and was not going to be easily bribed to stepping down.

First on his plate if elected the Ziwani/Kariokor MCA, Kyalo says is fixing the healthcare system.

 “Here in Ziwani Kariokor Ward we have a problem with our health systems. There are no hospitals within the area that the residents could go to just in case of ailments. The residents have to go all the way to Kenyatta hospital top get the necessary treatment. We have a clinic that can easily be upgraded to a dispensary and an additional maternity ward and fill the gap of healthcare that we have in Ziwani,” said Kyalo.

Kyalo had initially intended to vie for the seat on a KANU ticket but later changed his mind.

“I had to take the initiative. I was an aspirant of KANU which was my first choice but at the end, we make plans but God decides ultimately. So I did the necessary applications and the federal party of Kenya accepted me as a viable aspirant,” said Abdul Kyalo

By Jack Odongo