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Ziwani Residents raise concern over being skipped in food donation


A section of Residents in Nairobi’s Ziwani area, Starehe constituency have raised concern over being skipped in the food donations.

The residents are now blaming those responsible in the COVID-19 relief food program for intentionally ignoring them.

According to the residents, they have on several occasions been asked to fill out forms but they have never received any food.

The residents have now vowed not to fill any forms or give details to anyone who claims they want to help them.

“We are being asked for detailed information and nothing is happening. The other day the youth filled their information for the kazi mtaani but so far none of them has gotten any feedback. So why do we keep filling these forms? Right now even if a serious organization came forth to help, no one wants to give their details, they ask us where we are taking their names and phone numbers.” Said Penina Karuga a resident and local leader in the area.

They are now calling on Starehe Constituency member of Parliament Charles Njagua Kanyi to remember them adding that most of them are suffering.