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  • Zuchu is furious with Diamond over the presence of Tanasha Donna.
  • The sukari singer has unfollowed Diamond on Instagram.
  • Netizens are having a field day with reaction after the other.

Zuchu is furious with his sweetheart Diamond Platinumz over the presence of his ex-lover, Tanasha Donna.

The Sukari singer took to her Instagram sharing a cryptic message with a clear indication of turbulence.

According to Zuchu, an unwanted guest was wrecking havoc to her territory.

She further affirmed her willingness to fight in what she believes truly belongs to her.

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Despite not mentioning Tanasha directly, many have since adduced that she’s the one being referred to.

“Kuna nzi kaingia chumbani kwangu yani kashakua too comfortable mpaka anaruka ruka mbele ya uso wangu ama zake ama zangu nikimkamata atahadithia nzi wenzake spendi nzi” wrote Zuchu.

The new development comes days after Zuchu unfollowed Diamond on Instagram.

What really could be going on?

Grid Photo of Diamond and Naseeb Jr PHOTO Courtesy


Fans Reactions

Zuchu’s message has since led netizens to train their guns to the Dangote family with reaction after the other.

We sampled a few of them below.

“Eti kisa Mondi anamDONNA TANASHA kutokea N… DAAH”

“Sasa mbona anaita Tanasha nzi hawa wanawake mambo yao ni ngumu”

“Ungeona madada wenzako walichopitia kwanza kabla ya kuruka kitanda mwenzangu”

“Jameni dadangu hukujua huyu si simba ni fisi jameni aaahhh!”

Tanasha Donna has been in Tanzania for quite sometime now as her son with Diamond, Naseeb Jr. bonds with his father.

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Diamond also held a birthday party which he shares with his son, Naseeb Jr.

Tanasha also seems to be in good books with Mama Dangote.

The diva gifted Mama Dangote expensive jewelry with the latter reciprocating with the same pricey ornaments.

This is in great contrast to a few years ago when Tanasha alleged Mama Dangote carting away her Prado that was gifted by Diamond.

Naseeb Jr,s  striking resemblance to Diamond seems to have also played as a charm for Tanasha.

Mama Dangote loves the kid to death and so is Diamond including other family members.


November 23, 2023

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