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  • Zuchu’s mother Khadija Kopa wants other men to woo her daughter since Diamond is unrecognized for failing to pay dowry.
  • She encouraged other men to shoot their shots at Zuchu.
  • Her culture pegs marriage on dowry payment as a fundamental symbol of marriage.

Zuchu’s mother, Khadija Kopa wants other men to woo her daughter as she unrecognized Diamond for failing to pay dowry.

In a recent interview, Khadija disclosed that Diamond was yet to pay dowry as dictated culturally.

The Taarab singer held that the only way to make a union legal was  by paying dowry.

It was in this regard that she unrecognized Diamond while seeking other suitors for Zuchu.

She further added that the Sukari singer was yet to officially introduce her man to her.

“Mahusiano yake siyajui sababu mahusiano tunayoyajua  sisi wazee kwa utaratibu wa utamaduni wetu mtu akija akiposa ndio unajua mahusiano. Lakini mahusiano ya nje siyajui, Anayajua yeye mwenyewe kwa hilo muulize yeye mwenyewe ila bado hajaposwa, hakuna mahari. Kama kuna mtu na mapesa yake aje sio pesa nyingi. Simba hajamuoa wala hajaleta mahari sio mumewe wala sio mchumba wake, mtu mwingine yeyote anaweza kuja” stated Khadija.

Does Zuchu’s mother think that Diamond is taking her daughter for a ride? One would ask.

Zuchu & her mother, Khadija Kopa PHOTO Courtesy


Rocky Affair

Diamond and Zuchu’s relationship has been the most talked about with fears of turbulence.

It’s in the public domain that Diamond has been cheating on Zuchu with the latter unafraid to walk away avoiding public ridicule.

It is said that on several occasions Diamond would disappear for days hoping that he would come back and find her gone.

However, to his utter shock he still finds her grounded.

Not long ago, Diamond was alleged to have bedded singer, Gigy Money during a party.

There were speculations that Zuchu threatened to terminate her contract with Wasafi.




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